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Check Warranty Dates & Repair Fees

Check Warranty Dates

Please contact if you need assistance.


Current Firmware: RVV0114EN

Current PPS: R030703(R02)

G1 Voice Pager - Black


G4 Voice Pager

Current Firmware: V1.34

Current PPS: V0.3.16.29F


G1 Voice Pager

G2/G4 P25 Voice Pager

G3/G5 P25 Voice Pager





Accessories Flat Rate Repair Fees

G1 Programmer

G1 Desktop Charger

G1 Amplified Charger

G2-G5 Desktop Charger

G2-G5 Amplified Charger






  • Dealer will be prompted to check warranty and approve repair fee when opening the RMA ticket.

  • Do not ship device until instructed by Unication technician.

  • Repaired device includes a 30-day warranty on the repaired part only.

  • All P25 Voice Pagers (G2-G5) sent in for repair must include the device antenna. If the issue is labeled as Powercycling or Charging, include the battery as well.

  • Unication’s Flat Rate Repair Program is limited to repairable devices (unable to be repaired/ not economical to repair/ unable to refurbish) only. No replacement device will be provided if repair is not possible. The unrepaired device will be returned unrepaired in the condition received.

G2-G5 Micro USB Port Replacement ONLY*

G-Series Pager Flat Rate Repair Fees
G-Series Repair Program Rules & Restrictions

*Available for G2-G5 Voice Pager units requiring ONLY the Micro USB Port replacement, with no other issues.

G1 & G2-G5 Knob Replacement Kits NOW AVAILABLE!

Repair/service of G-Series product lines:

Warranty Facility
G1, G2, G3, G4, G5 Warranty Support


Repair/service of Alpha / Numeric Pagers:

Sunrise Tech Services
Alpha / Numeric Pagers

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