G-Series P25 Voice Pagers

One Device Supports Multiple Communication Systems


  • The Industry’s ONLY P25 Digital Voice Pager

  • Supports multiple system protocols

    • Analog 2-Tone

    • P25 Conventional

    • P25 Trunking (Phase I & Phase II)

  • Single/Dual Band models in VHF, UHF, 700-800MHz

  • Up to 512 Channels and 4 Scan Modes (Free, Silent, Normal, Priority)

  •  IP67 RATING - Waterproof & Dustproof

  • 100+ Minutes Voice Storage & Voice Memo

  • Software Defined


In the year 2021, NO ONE should be investing in antiquated Analog technology

Would you buy a 40 year old "beeper" to use alongside your new iPhone 12? It sounds like a no-brainer, but every day cities and municipalities across the country are releasing system bids for a brand new next generation P25 digital communication system... with an analog paging network on the side??

Ask "Why?" and most will answer that it's for the Volunteer Firefighters, that they lack the financing or system resources to issue $5-10k radios out to firefighters and the analog system overlay/repair/rebuild/replacement is a cheaper option than issuing new 2-way radios. But its not the BEST option, and its FAR from the least expensive option. 


So how can you make sure this doesn't happen to your area?

Get involved in the conversation early, don't get pushed to the side when planning begins. Voicing your agencies needs as early as possible is important. It's important to advocate for your members and push for the Fire Departments needs to be a part of the conversation. 

Why P25 Paging?

Whether addressing true shortcomings with a current paging environment, or seeking a practical and logical evolution of technology, some of the most common reasons for moving paging to P25 are...

Cost Savings

One of the key benefits of migrating to P25 Paging is the cost savings many agencies will realize when faced with repair/replacement of an aging  Analog network. Some of these costs include network infrastructure replacement, maintenance, and site/utility costs. 

Can't Hear P25

Firefighters can suddenly find they longer have the ability to monitor radio traffic on the P25 system when police switches over to P25. This can leave them in the dark after receiving the initial call out, unable to monitor important P25 radio communications before arriving on scene.

Mutual Aid

Agencies running mutual aid with surrounding departments/counties who use different networks can now  communicate with each other using G-Series P25 Voice Pagers to receive communications on multiple system on dual frequency bands.


In areas planning future system upgrades, local agencies risk purchasing technology that may not be supported much longer. With the G-Series P25 Dual Band models, users can continue receiving 2-tone over VHF/UHF on a device that also supports digital P25 . 


Omni Directional Antenna

LMR 400 Cable

(Available in 5 or 10 Meter)

Yagi 18DBi Gain Antenna

Antenna Bracket

Power Divider

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