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G2-G5 PPS Download

Current Version: V03.16.24

Released: 5/2021

Click the button below to download current G2-G5 Voice Pager Programming Software.


The G-Series PPS will install a G2-G5 driver to your computer. Please note that PPS must install the driver BEFORE connecting device into the computer.

If you are having issues connecting your device to the PPS, please download & install this driver:

G2-G5 Firmware Download

Current Version: V1.31

Released: 12/2020

Download full V1.31 release notes below:

Click the button below to visit the AutoUP site and update Firmware version V1.31:

Please note that V1.31 is the Public Safety version release- NOT the scanning version.

If you are involved in beta testing the V1.4 scanning version (closed), DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE with V1.31!

G-Series Message Backup Software

Click the button below to download

G-Series PPS Import from RadioReference Tutorial

***Mobile Users: Software Downloads are only available on Desktop. Thank you!

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