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G2/G3/G4/G5 Download Resource Center

Access PPS (Pager Programming Software), Product Manuals, Brochures
and other resources for the G-Series P25 Voice Pagers

***Mobile Users: Software Downloads are only available on Desktop. Thank you!

G2-G5 Software
Current Firmware Versions: V1.31, V1.33, V1.34
Current PPS Programming Software: 4.0 (V0.4.0.30)
Default username & password for PPS is "admin"


The G-Series PPS will install a G2-G5 driver to your computer. Please note that PPS must install the driver BEFORE connecting device into the computer.

If you are having issues connecting your device to the Computer/ PPS, please download & install the driver.

G-Series Message Backup Software

G-Series PPS Import from RadioReference Tutorial

G-Series P25 Product Resources

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