G1 Voice Pager

Designed for Public Safety


Choose Your Model

G1 Voice Pager models are available in your choice of VHF, UHF, or Low Band frequencies.

Supports 64 Channels / 6 Scan Modes

Supports up to 64 channels and each channel can be programmed for multiple scan modes, including Normal (Probability Scan), Free, Priority, Silent, Selective, and Monitor.

Rugged Design

With IP67 Ingress Protection Rating, the G1 is waterproof, dustproof, and fully submersible up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Voice Storage & Voice Memo Capability

The G1 includes 16 minutes stored voice and 11 minutes voice memo (record voice memos on scene for later playback to remember important details and notes).

Customizable Alert Tones / 7 Programmable Backlight Colors

Choose from pre-programmed alert tones or import your own .wav files. Combine different backlight colors with alert setting for a fully customized experience.

BEST in Class Reception & Clarity

High quality receiver provides improved message reception & voice clarity, even in fringe coverage areas.

2-Year Standard Warranty

Optional 3-Year Extended Warranty Available.

Programmable Voice Alerts

On/Off Duty

Software Defined


G1 Amplified Charger

Amplify your G1 experience with the G1 Amp Charger.

G1 Programmer

Take programming into your own hands with the G1 Programmer.


Clip Holster

Carry your G1 in style with our G1 Nylon Holster.

Available in clip or loop version.


Loop Holster

G1 Nylon Holster

G-Series Holsters

Premium Nylon Holster

*Metal Clip or Loop Clip models available

Premium Leather Holster

*Metal Clip or Loop Clip models available

G-Series Leather Economy Holster