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Patrick Giberson with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire

I work in a county that is almost impossible to receive with a scanner due to P25 phase 1 simulcast distortion. The G5 has solved all of my problems. Simulcast distortion is no match for this unit! Reception is impressive to say the least, and the audio is crisp and clear. The size and portability is and added plus!

Aaron Elekes

Small & Sensitive. They say "Good things come in small packages." We had been carrying around a bulky Motorola APX7000 with multiple batteries. We could not transmit of course however, just the size made our staff not wishing to take it with us when we left the office. We were skeptical with migrating to the Unication G5 but was pleasantly surprised how small & light the pager is. The bonus was the paging function itself! Then, another bonus, it's a heck of a lot more sensitive for such a small device than the APX! I think we will be purchasing more in the near future for the staff to have with them at all times. It just makes sense..Thanks Unication!

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