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Nicholas Crewey from Pipestem VFD

Our department has used Motorola's for years. After some research and lots of reading reviews, I finally talked them into trying two G1s. We absolutely love them! In rural WV it's hard for us to have good communication, the G1 picks up so much better than the Minitor Vs we had. With so many features we don't use half of the potential of these pagers. We started with two of these pagers, now we have four and plan to buy more as our Motorola's need replaced. Without a doubt these are the best pagers we have ever had!

Eric Moreno

Unication G5 a gift sent from heaven! I was browsing the radio reference web page one day and I stumbled on the G5. My first impression was WOW and that I could use this as an every day personal carry to monitor my area instead of the bulky and heavy XTS 2500. Took me about 2 days before I pulled the trigger and purchase my G5. I don't regret the decision to purchase this great radio. Now I use it as my primary radio to monitor my service area and only use my xts when I need to respond to calls.

Richard Duffell

We switched to the G1's a couple years ago. We love the durability and reception with them. We also use them at large incidents to be able to monitor multiple channels. Last June, on my way to work a deer decided to jump on my motorcycle. I was thrown from the bike and slid down the road a ways. I had my pager on my belt. As you can see from the picture, it only sustained some scuff marks and a scratch on the screen. Never stopped working, no damage to the electronics inside.

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