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Brandon Brown with Sweet Home Fire Department

Love my G1 it's the best product I could ever purchase. it is wonderful as ABC 123 every function and crystal clear loving I sleep with it on my hip she is my sec 6th child I take care. Loving my pager its communication system is crystal clear would not trade it in for the world. It has durability like no other communication device around. The product on a scale to 1-1,000 I'll give it a 2 million vote. Thank You Unication for creating a device that's durable. Oh yea not to mention the battery far out amazing.

Jerry Hurd

The area I live in has a terrible simulcast problem. Every other radio I tried it was almost impossible to get a clear transmission. I purchased the G5, it has no simulcast problem what so ever. Really impressed with the quality and sound of the G5.

Tom Hillery with Amateur Radio Emergency Service

I recently purchased the Unication G5 pager in VHF/700/800 version to facilitate reliable monitoring of our local fire, law, and EMS agencies. The State of North Carolina migrated to the statewide VIPER digital trunking system, rendering much of my personal monitoring equipment ineffective. As a disaster medical, SAR, and emergency communications volunteer, being able to monitor our served agencies is critical to insure reliable message handling and situational awareness. Right out of the box, the G5 was easy to program, provides clear audio with enough punch to be heard over background noise, and the sturdy construction is reassuring during every day carry. As this was a personal purchase,

David Goodwin

I purchased this G5 after months of research and debating. I live in the simulcast rich New Jersey! Listening to the NJICS system on a BCD536HP wasn’t cutting it anymore. I noticed I was missing transmissions with the Uniden radios. This little rugged, water resistant, and compact device is amazing. First of all, the battery. It truly is incredible! With heavy usage, I have had it on from 9am-2:30am so far and still have battery life. No charging was done all day!! I’m able to listen to the Monmouth County 700 system while on call for EMS to monitor some surrounding towns and the NJICS system while at work to monitor the NJ State Police with no problem. It will also come in handy when an age

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