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Scott Holmes

I recently purchased a G1 because I was tired of carrying two different pagers. One for work and one for the FD. I wanted a pager that could hold multiple tones and channels, and at the end of the day I could just change the knob to position 1 and have it go off for my FD tones only. So I purchased a G1 and have been very happy with it! It's very rugged and very customizable when it comes different settings. I'm very happy with the pager and I'm trying to convince my FD to switch to the G1.

Keith Boreman

Have had my G1 pager for almost a year now. Compared to the others I've had over the years, the G1 is definitely more durable and my choice. The G1 battery life out duals the others, and I enjoy all the added features. Looking forward to many more years with Unication.

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