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Steven Lunney with North Fayette VFD

This was a huge improvement in what we were using, which I will leave nameless as you shouldn't be even thinking about it. I love the recording it makes so I can replay the call, and I really really love how I can have this setup and monitor different channels that we currently listen to.

Shannon Sisney with Caulfield Fire Department

The Unication is by far the best product on the market, it always works no matter where you are. The dead zones are gone, I don’t have to worry about it raining or being in dusty conditions because it will handle the water and dust like it’s sitting on your nightstand at home. These are tough pagers for a tough job. Highly recommend these pagers!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Miller with Center Township VFD

Going from a Motorola monitor 5 to the G1 is like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. You can feel the quality in the pager and the rubber outside makes it so much more durable. I have went through several pagers from dropping them to shearing the clip off at my other jobs. The G1 is with me every day in dirt, wet weather, cold and it keeps on going. I used to be lucky to get two days out of other pagers before they were dead and now I have went three days of being on scan and it was only at 25% I would recommend it to every department that is looking for an amazing upgrade to pagers.

Jeffrey Harrison

The Unication G1 has to be the toughest pager on the market today! Superior ruggedness, Water/Dust-proofing, another added bonus! loud audio, Awesome flexibility! Including the Zone feature! No false alerting, like the competitor! And CTCSS (PL/DPL) gives you peace of mind to block out any neighboring County traffic that you may have! Go with a Unication G1! You won't regret it! Once I got one, and loved it, my whole department switched, and hasn't looked back!!!

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