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Jim Cheshire

I've been a scanning hobbyist for almost 40 years and I've owned a ton of different radios. I recently purchased a radio from a large scanner manufacturer to monitor my local P25 system. Shortly thereafter, I found out that consumer grade radios (such as the one I had just purchased) have terrible problems decoding LSM P25 systems. It was around that time that someone mentioned the Unication G4/G5 pager line to me. After a little research, I knew I had to have one. I ended up selling a bunch of kayaking gear and my kayak that was not being used, and I bought a G5 and an amplified charger. This little pager is an absolute dream for those of us who have suffered in the past from simulcast issu

Ryan Varley with White Oak Fire Department

I've only had the G1 for a few months now but I am very impressed with its features and functionality. In my 11 years in the fire service I've had many different brands of pagers and this one is the best bang for your buck! The competition has priced themselves out of the market. We updated our entire department with G1s.

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