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Tim Deater with Newaygo County Emergency Services

I have been using my G5 for well over a year now, and am amazed at the capabilities that it has, and the features that I keep finding and that they keep adding. The pager is holding up great as well with daily carrying, and almost daily drops to the ground.


Please download an important notice from our General Manager, Kirk Alland, below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8yta0ztflulbkoj/An%20Important%20Letter%20From%20Our%20General%20Manager%20OCT%202017-%20Final.pdf?dl=0

Anthony Silver

We purchased two Unication pagers (G4 and G5) a few months ago and they are quite impressive! These pagers are rugged, have plenty of storage for multiple zones/talkgroups, and perform exceptionally well on P25 digital simulcast systems. Unication pagers are a must have for anyone in the fire service. Thank you for providing such a great product!

Daniel Michael

I started in the public safety/emergency services field in 1994. Through the years I've always been a hard core Motorola guy whether it was voice pagers, digital/alpha pagers, radios, etc. The first time I used a G1 was doing a demo and within an hour I was sold on it. With the G1 being water proof, rugged, and having a display, I was sold. Not long after that I had the opportunity to demo a G5 for a couple weeks. When the demo was delivered I already had a codeplug ready. I knew within 30 minutes of having it that I was going to have G5 also. I show off both the G1 & G5 every chance I get. And where I live in the Piedmont of North Carolina we get hammered with nasty storms this time of year

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