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Bill Bass

We really like our G1's...they are so much better than the Batwing products we have... I've dropped mine from the top of our 4000 gallon tanker without even so much as a hiccup...We won't buy anything else!

Jeffrey Cohen

Absolutely the best pager hands down. I am a very loyal M guy and after having those pagers and my vhf Unication there is no question about it. The receiver is much stronger, the audio clarity is top notch and the water resistant by far is the best feature. I like the fact that you have so many features that are useful there is not a lot of things on there that are "clumsy" or useless. The fact that there is updates for firmware to make it more friendly is a huge plus. I have had mine and have recommended to others for purchase and have recommended to our county fire assn for purchase. I have talked to the guys at Unication at different trade shows including local ones and fdic, the folks ta

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