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Brad Garrett- Southwest Volunteer FD, Palatka, FL

I initially demoed this one. It has been an awesome pager. It has been dropped, rained on and still kicking butt. Liked it so much that I bought this one outright. The following month I ordered four more for our department. The durability, along with the recieve ability (we have multi synced towers so signal is garbled but with G1 it is clear as a bell). It is clearly the right choice for us. Cannot say enough good things about it. Photo provided by Brad Garrett via Facebook.

Ray Zimmerman - Akron Volunteer Fire Co. Akron, Pennsylvania

I have been using a Unication G1 pager for about 8 months now and I can say I'm really impressed! The display shows which company I'm being dispatched to even when I'm in a noisy environment where I can't hear the dispatch. The different zones and the on/off duty feature is important to me since I volunteer with two different fire companies. These are only a few of the great options I have experienced. Thank you, Unication for providing our fire service with this awesome product! -Kinzers, PA Unication G1 Charger Amplifier

Larry Berkowitz- Theils, New York

After using this pager for the better part of 2 months! here is what I have found. 1. Receive is exceptional and in some cases received better than my fire radio in the truck 2. Allows you to hear Tac Channels and well as the repeaters and dispatch frequencies 3. Ease of programming scan channels 4. Great for Mutual Aid so at the very least you can hear your out of town trucks and command without the need for another radio. 5. Buy this pager, it is the Best pager on the market and to be totally honest here the technical support is Superb! (My dealer) and Unication actually listen to their customers and their recommendations. 6. The unit is WATER PROOF and that is a a great thing. 7.

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