G2/G3 Download Resource Center

Access PPS (Pager Programming Software), Product Manuals,
Brochures and other resources for the G2/G3 P25 Voice Pagers

G2/G3 PPS Download

Current Version: V03.14.15

Released: 07/2019

Click the button below to download current G2/G3 Voice Pager Programming Software.


The G-Series PPS will install a G2/G3 driver to your computer. Please note that PPS must install the G2/G3 driver BEFORE connecting device into the computer.

G2/G3 Firmware Download


PLEASE NOTE: V1.25 is the current version for the G2/G3 Voice Pagers. No upgrades available.

G-Series Message Backup Software

Click the button below to download

***Mobile Users: Software Downloads are only available on Desktop. Thank you!

G2/G3 Product Resources

G2/G3 Product Brochure

G2/G3 P25 Voice Pager product brochure w/ full specs 

Implementing Paging on a P25 System

White Paper Resource- Imple

menting Paging on a P25 system

Programming Webinar- G-Series P25 Voice Pager Programming

Webinar video tutorial walking you through basic G-Series programming

G-Series Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide- Quick start manual included with each G-Series device

Programming Tutorial-
G-Series P25 Basic Programming

A simplified step by step G-Series P25 programming tutorial 

G-Series FAQ-

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the G2/G3/G4/G5

G-Series Voice Pager Manual

Full Manual- A full in-depth guide to the G-Series Voice Pagers

Programming Tutorial- Configuring Quick Call II

Detailed tutorial on configuring the G5 for QCII (2-Tone over P25)/ QCII setup

G-Series P25 Voice Pager Programming Resources

Document with clickable links to various G-Series programming resources 

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