Alpha Elite Secure


*Alternative/Replacement Product Option for EOL (End of Life) Product Lines:

Alpha Elite

Alpha Elite Secure Features:


Advisor II, Advisor Pager, Motorola Advisor, Advisor 2, Alpha Elegant Pager, Unication Pager, pocsag pager, alpha pager
  • FLEX Coding Format
  • 4-Line Display/Zoom to 2-Line
  • 16 Cap Codes
  • Wideband/Narrowband Channel Spacing
  • User Changeable Alerting Modes
  • 16 Programmable Alert Tone Sequences
  • Graphic Battery Level Indication
  • Loud 80 dB Alert Tone SPL
  • 2025 Characters per Personal Message
  • 5052 Characters per Maildrop Message
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • AES Encryption Capable


The Unication Alpha Elite Secure is a FLEX, 4-Line alphanumeric pager. The fully synthesized and rugged Alpha Elite Secure offers 8 addresses and 32 sub-addresses. On/Off Duty has also been included to satisfy additional requests for the public safety market. The Elite Secure can store up to 19 personal messages, 10 of which can be locked in memory if desired. The Elite Secure includes a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

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