Amplify signal gain to create a customized coverage area in your station or office! The One-Way Signal Booster is designed for First-Responders. Now available!

One-Way Signal Booster

Include 800MHz Antenna/Cable Bundle?
  • LIMITED QUANTITIES: Purchase a One-Way Signal Booster and you will receive an 800MHz Antenna/Cable Bundle package for FREE!

    The Antenna/Cable Bundle is valued at $395 and includes everything needed to use the Signal Booster:

    • Omni Directional 800MHz Internal Antenna
    • Yagi 800MHz 18DBi Gain External Antenna
    • 5 meter LMR 400 Cable
    • 10 meter LMR 400 Cable

    The Antenna/Cable Bundle will be visible on the invoice and included with each qualifying order. Questions? Email info@unication.com

  • The Signal Booster includes the items below:

    • One-Way Signal Booster
    • AC Power Adapter
    • Power Cable
    • Wall Mount & Screws

    Required Accessories: The One-Way Signal Booster requires the following accessories for operation:

    • Indoor Plane Antenna
    • Outdoor Antenna
    • Antenna Bracket
    • (2) LMR400 Cables (5 m / 10 m)

    These required accessories are available in the 800MHz Antenna/Cable Bundle offered above.

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